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Springbank 12 year cask strength


Distiller: Springbank
ABV: 56.2%
Age: 12
Paid: $80.00

Tasting Notes

Color: Dark Gold. Non chill-filtered and no color added.

Pour: Neat in a Glencairn, rested for 20 minutes.

Nose: Sweet vanilla malt, raspberry and tart citrus, chocolate, smoke, rubber, and a hint of sweet mint.

Taste: Big peat and sherry! Thick and oily mouthfeel with green apple tartness. Peat smoke and oak come through like a campfire, followed by funky & meaty notes with a hint of nutmeg and spices. Cigar box tobacco.

Finish: Funky, salty, and sweet all at the same time. Brine, more spices, more campfire that lingers for a long time.  Background notes of tobacco, tart green apple, peppers, and honey.


Score: 8

Ratings Scale Explained

1 | Disgusting. Get rid of it.
2 | Terrible. I would not drink this.
3 | Bad. Might work in a mixed drink.
4 | Bearable. Decent but probably won’t buy again.
5 | Good. Good whisky.
6 | Very Good. Very good whisky.
7 | Great. Would buy again.
8 | Amazing. Will try to keep this around no matter what.
9 | Incredible. Unique, complex, exceptional.
10 | Perfect.

Average Score: 7.33 - Total Reviews: 9

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