About Me

About Westin

Like I said, I work in web development - an ever-changing field that is always growing, constantly presenting new challenges, and is limited only to what someone is willing to learn. I love the challenge that live in my daily work, especially the fact that there is always something new to learn and a better, more optimized way to accomplish any task. Any developer who says they know it all is full of it, and every time I start feeling that way I am quickly brought back to my senses.

What I Do

Just for reference, here is a sampling of the languages and frameworks I have experience with: ASP.Net / C#, JQuery, Javascript, SQL, CSS / SCSS, PHP, Java, Swift

Where I Live

I live in the city of Tacoma, about 35 minutes south of Seattle. It is the perfect mix of suburb and country, within minutes of both beaches and mountains (both of which are awesome). Tacoma is home to the best coffee in the world (this might be controversial, but I don't care) and I'm happy to buy you a cup if you disagree ;)

Where I Work

I work at a full-service marketing agency in Federal Way, WA as a web developer. I love my job (like I said, it is constantly challenging me to learn in new ways), and I love the people I work with even more. It is an awesome position that I am humbled and blessed to have.

Outside of work?

Service - I am also blessed to be a part of an amazing church family at Fellowship Bible Church on Tacoma's East Side (click the link to learn more about FBC). I have been employed as an intern at the church since 2012, and have had the opportunity to serve, learn, and grow in quite a variety of ways, from building their website to delivering a Sunday morning message, and quite a bit in between! I love the people God has blessed me with in my church.

Fun - Outside of work, I love spending time with my wife, Kayla. We met in 2013, married in 2015 (August), and have been happily walking through life together ever since. Our big project as of late has been renovating the fixer-upper we bought in 2016 - nothing quite like repairing the damage done by a group of squatting hoarders! When I am not working on the house, I love rock-climbing, tinkering with electronics, making coffee (seriously, it's an addiction), and lots more.