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Oban 14 year


Distiller: Oban
ABV: 43%
Age: 14
Paid: $80.00

Tasting Notes

Color: Medium Gold. No statement on chill-filtering or color added, but I would assume both as this is a Diageo malt.

Pour: Neat in a Glencairn, rested for 20 minutes. Later added 2 drops of purified water.

Nose: Ripened summer fruit, strawberry, citrus. Notes of smoke, salt air, and a hint of raisins, apricots, and pine. 2 drops of water open up traces of Hawaiian plumeria and lavender, with maybe a tiny bit of cigar box tobacco.

Palate: Rich, caramelized honey, over-ripened strawberry, orange peel, smoke, apricot, and fruit cake with the slightest hint of spearmint.

Finish: Medium-short and sweet, with more honeyed, floral notes, oak, and salt. Traces of heat, pepper, and smoke linger the longest.


Oban 14 lives up to its classification as a “Classic Malt” (thanks Diageo). This is a whisky that is eminently drinkable, with enough complexity to keep me coming back to it but not so much that it takes an hour of focus to enjoy. Overall this is great for simple Spring or Summer sipping when you don’t necessarily need to focus on your Scotch :) My only nitpick with the Oban 14 is its retail price of $79.99, which seems high for what you are getting. Still a good dram, but I’d look for a deal before picking up another bottle.

As a bonus, my cat walked through as I snapped my review photo, so I decided to leave her in :)

Score: 6

Ratings Scale Explained

1 | Disgusting. Get rid of it.
2 | Terrible. I would not drink this.
3 | Bad. Might work in a mixed drink.
4 | Bearable. Decent but probably won’t buy again.
5 | Good. Good whisky.
6 | Very Good. Very good whisky.
7 | Great. Would buy again.
8 | Amazing. Will try to keep this around no matter what.
9 | Incredible. Unique, complex, exceptional.
10 | Perfect.

Average Score: 7.33 - Total Reviews: 9